To create is a magical thing. You find the method of expression that best determines your voice and move from there. For me, it is mixed media collage – sometimes defined as “poetic displacement.”

Collage uses metaphor by joining a variety of materials, meanings, and dimensions. Within this layered surface, I can embrace visual chaos and organize it into a unique cosmos. The individual work becomes a new world unto itself. This is what intrigues me. The artist cannot anticipate the outcome.

I photograph architecture and objects that have meaning for me, and the pictures are then put into my work to add an emotional layer with painting and drawing. Added to the mix is any variety of materials. Often I use old work of mine and repurpose it within a new context.

I feel that ultimately my art is a search for clarity and vision in ecofictional environments…a creative attempt to discover a distinctive, maybe sacrosanct place via imagery.

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