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Karin Skiba (Russo) began exhibiting her work in Canada, and moved to California in the late 70s when she attended the Claremont Colleges. Already building a strong exhibition record, she began teaching at RCCD in 1990 and was the full time art instructor at Norco College from 1991 until 2011. With a resume that includes shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Portland, as well as the Riverside Art Museum, Karin has created art for over 40 years as an example of artistic persistence and passion. She now has a studio in Joshua Tree, CA, and devotes the majority of her time to making art.

Karin’s latest work involves layered and constructed mixed media paintings that include trees and portraits. Skiba says:

In art, imagery of women often represents the beautiful in “truth and beauty”. Portraits of women have been created for centuries as subjects of beauty. In our era of constant visual imagery, the media shadows women our entire life, underscoring our vision of ourselves and other females. Whether or not we are aware of this, we posture as the “Perfect Girl”. Being raised by a portrait photographer father and posing from an early age for his camera, this staged positioning is familiar to me. It emerges in my work as portraits of women, real or invented, with the added component of collage and embellishment. 

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